Novi Sad’s first craft brewery

We create beers we like to drink ourselves.

RazBeerbriga is a play on the phrase “Raz zbir briga,” which translates to “no worries”, and here’s why:

Our beers are crafted in a traditional manner, using exclusively natural ingredients: hops, yeast, water and malt (barley, wheat, etc.). What makes some of our beers truly special is the usage of the highest quality hops, grown locally in Serbia.
Razbeerbriga nurtures a successful collaboration with leading beer industry experts, both in the country and abroad, ensuring that the brewery stays up-to-date with the latest methods and techniques in the production of beers of only the highest quality, featuring versatile aromas and flavors derived from only the finest ingredients.
Where craft dwells, there is no room for truly industrialized production. Craft beer is made in smaller production units, at smaller scales, and therefore offers optimal conditions for an endless and exciting exploration of various styles and recipes.
We want beer lovers to recognize and experience an authentic craft brewery they can trust. Our goal is to expand this trust to the furthest geographical beer point.

Every one of our beers has their own character.MEET THE RAZBEERBRIGA'S CREW


The RazBeerbriga family is made up of four well known members, each representing its own style and character: Temper (Pale Ale), Bandiera Rossa (Amber/Red Ale), Stalker (Double IPA), and Black Rider (Stout).

Discover your favorite.
Bandiera Rossa (amber/red ale)
Bandiera Rossa (amber/red ale)
Subtly seductive, yet devilishly drinkable, with pronounced caramel notes and a strong hoppy aroma of fruit and citrus.
Black Rider (stout)
Black Rider (stout)
Dark and dignified – bold but down to earth, to the very last sip. Dominantly roasted aromas and a balanced medley of coffee flavors. Dark chocolate and roasted malts are the foundation of this robust, untamable stout.
Stalker (double IPA)
Stalker (double IPA)
Mr. Mystery, aware of his stature, allure, and unpredictability. A strong-bodied BEHEMOTH of a beer with intense pine, citrus, and spicy aromas. You can’t get rid of the Stalker.
Temper (pale ale)
Temper (pale ale)
As the unfailing laws of beer dictate, Temper is the everyday favorite. Unassuming, yet enigmatically attractive. The pleasant flower-citrus aromas of Cascade hops, balanced by a hint of the exotic from Chinook, give this pale ale a distinctly drinkable and refreshing note. Classic.
Coaster Roller (IPA)
Coaster Roller (IPA)
There are IPAs and there are West Coast IPAs. Coaster Roller is a definitive example of a West Coast IPA. Light-bodied, golden colored, and heavily hopped with five quintessential American hops. Relax, take a deep breath, sip back, and let it roll…

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Bandiera Rossa (amber/red ale), as well as other beers we’ve produced,  is crafted using only naturally grown hops of the highest quality cultivated in the traditional manner here in Serbia, just outside Novi Sad.


The true, uncompromised beer yeast that we use is an essential ingredient in making high quality craft beer.


In the world of craft beer, quality always precedes quantity. Therefore, we don’t hold back in using the finest quality ingredients.


We are located in the town of Bukovac,
in the district of Novi Sad.