The team leading RazBeerbriga craft brewery is governed by the idea of healthy and high-quality beer production – beer that stands out from the rest of the craft beer world because of its unique nature, offering to those willing the experience of encountering the captivating spectrum of flavors embodied in our troupe of firebrand beers.

We make beer we like to drink ourselves.

RazBeerbriga team

Boris Popov

Founder and co-owner

A professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, and a passionate cyclist who never misses a game of the local sports club Vojvodina (he even follows hockey!). And as for craft beer? Well, he never misses out on an opportunity here as well.


Snežana Popov

Founder and co-owner

With a PhD in Ecology, she is always out to save the flora and fauna of our planet (even utilizing Yoga as a super power). It is possible that she governs our Instagram profile, but we are still uncertain. The investigation is still ongoing…

Boško Kustudić


This year, he managed to drink a beer at 40 meters below sea level, and has just begun preparations to do the same but at 5.642m above (Mt. Elbrus). After all this, you can bet that he’ll be sitting down to a beer at a hometown bar, as we all do.


Nemanja Simeunović


An economist and the only person who truly understands numbers at the brewery. We’ve promised him that we will brew a beer involving linden trees. But not before the coming summer.

Andrew Wiesike

Co-owner and designer of new recipes

All the magic regarding beers and recipes starts with him. Professor and poet, passionate beer fan, and eternal home-brewer. It’s still puzzling how life brought him here to RazBeerbriga all the way from the USA.


Srđan Kovačević


An avid fan of beer whose every day starts with a strong Turkish coffee. Preceding this morning ritual, he does not talk with anybody.

Nemanja Vujović

Brewery Coordinator

Since he has been employed in the brewery, he has been talking about (in addition to beer of course!) winning an MTV prize with his band. Oh, yeah, they are now the recipients of the MTV Best Adria Award 2017! RazBeerbriga is proud!


Srđan Dragomanović


In addition to being the Brewmaster, also another musician at the brewery. He claims that his band will one day shake up the domestic punk scene. He’s started training boxing after all the hard work at the brewery. Perhaps he wants to tell us something with his new hobby.

Nikola Dražić

Primary technician

Not just a technician, he is currently in a search of a drummer and a singer to join his bass and the two guitars at the brewery to have a band that can play in between breaks in the brewing process.


Maximilien Goncalves-Martins


We ran into him at the brewery the other day. He says that he likes it here more than at his native France, and that he will only speak nicely about us upon his return to his native land. We are still waiting to get a glimpse of his photographic art – he claims to be a true artist.